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Use this search to find any vessels insured by NorthStandard, formerly North and Standard Club. This search consolidates all vessels insured within the NorthStandard Group and displays key insurance documentation. 


The information above is compiled from the records of NorthStandard Limited, North of England P&I DAC, The Standard Club UK Ltd, The Standard Club Asia Ltd. and The Standard Club Ireland DAC as at Friday 24th of March 2023

This vessel search is refreshed daily and as part of this process, there may be an extremely short window when the vessel you’re searching for does not appear while our site synchronises the data. We recommend that if you cannot find the vessel you require, by name or IMO number, that you conduct the same search again 10 minutes later. If, after this search, the vessel does not appear, it’s likely we do not hold records of that vessel in our system.

The entry of this vessel into one of these entities is subject to the Club Rules and the Member’s terms of entry, including all provisions as to payment of calls. If the inclusion of this entry in the Blue Card search is used as evidence of insurance or is reproduced and shown to any party as evidence of insurance, it must be clearly understood that the information contained in this Blue Card search relates only to the date on which the database is accessed (or the information reproduced) and that the insurance is subject to the Club Rules and the Member’s terms of entry. Such use of this entry in the Blue Card search is not to be taken as any indication that the Club thereby consents to act as guarantor or to be sued directly in any jurisdiction whatsoever, nor shall it be construed as evidence of any undertaking, financial or otherwise, on the part of the Club to any other party. The Club does not so consent.